Aspiration Zero Credit Card 2022 Review – Forbes Advisor

By | August 6, 2022

Zero suction vs. Citi® Double Cash Card

The Citi® Double Cash Card is an excellent example of a rewards card that easily surpasses the Aspiration Zero. The card earns 2% cash back on all purchases – 1% when purchases are made and another 1% when they are paid off – and charges no annual fees. While there is no welcome bonus, it does come with a 0% intro APR on balance transfers for 18 months. After that, the default variable APR is 16.24% – 26.24% based on creditworthiness. There is also an intro balance transfer fee of $5 or 3% of the amount of each transfer, whichever is greater, completed within the first 4 months of account opening. After that, the fee is 5% of each transfer (minimum $5).

While the Citi Double Cash offers greater earning potential, the Aspiration Zero is issued by a bank without a bad record of fossil fuel investment. Citi was called upon by Forbes in 2021 to fund 100 companies with “the worst fossil fuel expansion plans” so eco-conscious cardholders — the most likely people interested in the Aspiration Zero card in the first place — can see why the Aspiration Zero could win another way.

Zero suction vs. Green America Rewards Platinum Visa®*

The Green America Rewards Platinum Visa®* is issued by TCM Bank and offers no annual fee, earns 1 point per dollar on every purchase, an introductory APR of 0% for 12 billing cycles on purchases and balance transfers, followed by a variable APR of 9.99% – 19.99% on purchases and balance transfers . A balance transfer fee of $5 or 3% of any balance transferred, whichever is greater, will apply and some additional benefits such as $0 fraud liability, travel accident protection, and car rental exemption.

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While the Green America map doesn’t incentivize spending on the map through an app to track your tree plantings, it does support nonprofits that focus on specific climate and energy sustainability issues. This card may not be as high-tech, but it does offer additional benefits and an introductory APR that the Aspiration Zero doesn’t.

Zero suction vs. Verity Signature Rewards Visa®*

The Verity Signature Rewards Visa®* earns 1.5 points per dollar on eligible purchases, charges no annual or foreign transaction fees, and offers car rental collision damage, extended warranty protection, and more. The card also offers an introductory APR of 0% for 12 months on purchases and balance transfers, followed by a variable APR of 10.74% – 20.74% on purchases and balance transfers. There is a balance transfer fee of 3% of the total transfer amount. The Verity Signature Rewards Visa®* does not offer a welcome bonus.

While the Verity Small Credit Union is based in Washington State and applicants must be members of the credit union, it’s a great example of what shopping for your revolving credit locally can get you. Verity Credit Union does not invest in fossil fuels, is committed to providing solar loans and making finance more accessible for other sustainable community development. Many local credit unions are making similar efforts to support community-based funding, offering cards that can compete with the Aspiration Zero card.