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How to find the best smart projector for your home – an expert buying guide

Apparently, projectors are taking over home entertainment. The projectors have seen high demand due to the interactive features and immersive viewing experience. Below, find out how you can find the best projector for your home in a few simple steps. The guide is created by Sushil Motwani – Official Representative of XGIMI India and Projector… Read More »

50+ apps removed from Google Play Store, remove them if you have them installed on your phone

Google has various security measures in place as to what kind of apps are listed on the Play Store. However, there are times when scammers use new methods to inject malware into apps and steal money and data from users. Image: Flickr STAND OUT Google recently removed more than 50 apps from the Play Store.… Read More »

How some of the most popular children’s apps are sharing data in “worrying” ways

Parents are warned that some of Australia’s most popular children’s entertainment apps contain dangerous code that allows companies to collect data about children and create profiles that can follow them for life. Key points: An audit tested the tracking activity of popular children’s entertainment apps Nearly 60 percent contained “worrying” code that collected or shared… Read More »