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The new earning concept ‘Chat and earn’ is gaining popularity

Tallinn, Estonia, Aug. 05, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Now many projects consist of the P2E (play-to-earn) concept, but many users quickly get bored with this concept when the game requires special skills that can only be acquired by playing the game for a long time. The Chat & Earn project works on the principle of… Read More »

How Long Can Crypto Markets Continue to Rally?

Bitcoin price momentum is slowing as it struggles to clear the $24,565 resistance level. Ethereum price reverses after failing to clear the $1,730 hurdle, hitting a retracement. Ripple price broke through the blockade of $0.381, but failure to hold below could trigger a correction. Bitcoin price is showing signs of exhaustion after retesting a major… Read More »

Wei, Satoshi, Jager and the various other denominations of Ether, Bitcoin, Bnb and more

Most fiat currencies have a divisibility of up to 2 decimal places ($0.01). However, since many cryptocurrencies have a supply cap, they have a divisibility of up to 8 decimal places or more (.000000001 ETH). This ensures that even when the supply limit of these cryptocurrencies is reached and/or their valuations skyrocket, it is still… Read More »

Crypto trading and lending platforms should offer customers similar protections to exchanges, warns SEC Chairman Gary Gensler

Posted: July 28, 2022 1:03 PM ET Crypto trading and lending platforms should offer customers similar protections to exchanges, warned Gary Gensler, chairman of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Gensler made the comments after several major crypto companies crashed as the price of digital assets plummeted. Earlier this month, digital asset broker Voyager Digital… Read More »

The Crypto Market Looks Like the Nasdaq in the Early 2000s. Here’s Why

Good morning! Welcome to Distributed Ledger, our weekly crypto newsletter that hits your inbox every Thursday. I’m Frances Yue, a crypto reporter at MarketWatch, and I’m going to walk you through the latest in this bear market. Find me on Twitter at @FrancesYue_ to send feedback, or tell us what you think we should cover.… Read More »

IMF Global Outlook Suggests Dark Clouds Ahead For Crypto

The IMF predicts that economic growth will slow from 6.1% last year to 3.2% in 2022, which some say will have negative consequences for crypto. Investors are warning of increased volatility in digital asset markets as the International Monetary Fund (IMF) predicts slowing global economic growth. The IMF’s July World Economic Outlook update titled “Gloomier… Read More »

The battle between crypto bulls and bears shows hope for the future

The blockchain space is seeing some strong points despite the perceived market downturn. Perpetual term funding rates for Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH) turned positive again on major exchanges, showing bullish sentiment among derivatives traders. Additionally, Bitcoin began trading below its base price, marking previous market lows. In contrast, in June, decentralized finance (DeFi) saw… Read More »

Unregulated Crypto Market Scares Capital Markets Investors

By VINCENT OWINO The lack of regulation for cryptocurrency exchanges and coins scares off investors who would otherwise invest in the region’s less volatile and well-regulated capital markets, experts warn. Crypto exchanges have taken advantage of the lack of regulation in the industry to freely advertise their products to attract investors, which is prohibited across… Read More »