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Salta y Catamarca acuerdan con Nación the protection of los hogares with menores ingresos

El secretary de Energía, Darío Martínez, agreed with the gobernadores de Salta, Gustavo Sanz, y de Catamarca, Raúl Jalil, el envío de las bases de datos de sus usuarios para sumarlas al esquema de segmentación actualmente elaborado por el Estado Nacional. De esta forma, las provincias colaboran con el gobierno central para guaranteed que all… Read More »

How to Choose White Label Crypto Exchange Software for Business?

Cryptocurrency is a trillion dollar industry and it opens the door to opportunities for all companies and startups that have the vision to build a separate ecosystem and reap profits in the crypto community. Among various crypto business ideas, cryptocurrency exchange is seen as an excellent revenue generation opportunity for emerging startups. One can create… Read More »

Top P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange Scripts for Your Crypto Business in 2022

How do you know if something is too big to fail? You take a look at the news surrounding it. They said there is no bad publicity. Historically, this is true when it comes to large business areas. Good news, bad news, it doesn’t matter because the business tends to thrive anyway. Lately, this has… Read More »

Everything You Need to Know About Crypto Debit Cards

While the crypto wave is gaining momentum, it is still nowhere near as universal as fiat currency. One of the main reasons for this is that crypto is not widely accepted as a form of payment. Of course, some of the biggest brands and companies have recently started accepting Bitcoin. However, there are millions of… Read More »

It’s time for DeFi to grow

DeFi has created extraordinarily innovative ideas, technologies and solutions to major problems both in TradFi and elsewhere. But it’s time for the industry to shed its ‘crypto degen’ roots and work towards a unifying future with ‘old TradFi money’. This was the conclusion of the panelists of the Swarm Markets Institutional Crypto Forum on July… Read More »