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Can Artists Collectives in Africa Repair the Colonial Legacy?

As with many social practice projects, he continues, evaluating Martens ’work in Lusanga in terms of aesthetics can feel impossible: there is real money circulating, and people’s livelihoods are at stake. “What does one get by saying they’re an artist?” he asked. “Funding, especially, but also freedom.” An academic needs approval from the ethics board,… Read More »

RAY’S CHOICE: ‘Lincoln’s Nose’ documentary worth watching | Ray’s choice

Love an old or unusual movie but don’t know when the movie will air? Here are a few that I recommend. “The Man in Lincoln’s Nose” (2000): Many important things happened in 1959. Alaska and Hawaii became states, Barbie and I were born, and the entertaining puff of Hitchcock’s cotton candy in the movie “North… Read More »