Top 5 Free Task Manager App

Task Manager App Free – Colors can be customized in the task manager application for iPhone or iPad. You can select from seven color palettes, assign the priority colors and even include markers. Todoist is among its most flexible task manager available, and it’s totally free.


Here are some of its best-known attributes task manager app:

task manager app free
task manager app free

ToDo Lista – Simple Task Manager

ToDo Lista simple Task Manager app is a list-style app that combines traditional task list functions with calendar functions. It also provides an option to schedule reminders and lists of grocery items. It’s available on iPhone, Android, PC as well as Mac.

The Windows version is also compatible with various languages. ToDo Lista can be used on smartphones and PCs. If you’re looking for an sophisticated application for a to-do list You might want to look into OmniFocus. The to-do list application is designed to solve your scheduling issues.

ToDo Lista’s best-known characteristic is its ability to categorize tasks related to each other. It allows you to define deadlines, assign priority and monitor progress of the project. It is also possible to make lists available to others. This task manager app free of charge also lets you attach documents.

It is able to sync across devices and is simple to use. It also comes with an inbuilt chat feature and alters the look of the lists using colours and emojis.

ToDo Lista has an overarching to-do-list that allows users to set deadline date, priorities and categories. Once everything is organized and categorized, you can see your list of tasks on a calendar and keep track of the tasks that have been completed.

ToDo Lista is customizable and adaptable enough to meet your needs for task management. It’s not necessary to purchase a complicated task management software to stay organized.


MeisterTask is a task-management application that integrates native integrations, the ability to track time, stats as well as personal lists. The free task manager application comes with features like an adjustable workspace and agenda.

It allows you to make tasks, and then assign them your colleagues as well as other users. You can search for tasks using scope or project, assign to tags or assigned to. If you’d rather use an app for your desktop, MeisterTask has mobile apps that work on equally iOS as well as Android devices.

There’s a no-cost plan for MeisterTask However, larger enterprises might require upgrading to an upgrade to a paid plan. There are four plans available that each have different capabilities.

It is possible to use MeisterTask for no cost for a certain amount of task manager app. However, you’ll need to pay for more sophisticated features. There is however an option that is free for teams that have only two or one members.

MeisterTask also offers the ability to make recurring tasks. You can set the timeframe for these jobs by connecting the tasks to either the account you have with Google and Apple Pay account. MeisterTask supports offline use We didn’t experience any issues or errors when making use of the trial version.

MeisterTask is easy to master and is easy to use. Even with its no-cost pricing it is possible to benefit from it, so ensure that you download it prior to making a decision to sign to sign up.


Toodledo is a well-known task manager app which lets you record projects, make lists that are custom and create outlines that are structured. You can also build a custom list, or kanban boards for your entire team. Its basic version Toodledo can be used for basic tasks and doesn’t include advanced features like progress graphs for tracking.

It’s also limited to create one collaborative project and it doesn’t permit several collaborators. In the event that you’re currently making use of Toodledo to manage your projects it might not be the right choice for you.

If you’re searching for an app that is free for task management it’s likely that you’ve already downloaded a couple of apps. Toodledo can be one, however ClickUp is a superior alternative. In contrast to Toodledo it comes with various options.

You can also make use of Todoist it’s identical to Toodledo however it offers rewards for completion of tasks. However, Toodledo doesn’t provide automatic backups.

It’s not completely free, but that doesn’t mean it’s worth the price. If you’re a single person You may not require all the features, but this application lets you make lists and assign tasks to others.

You can also check your work in offline mode. The app is compatible with iOS as well as Android. It is customizable using a variety of themes. It offers a freemium plan and paid plans.


Asana is a task manager app designed for iPad. The app offers a simple method to manage the tasks, prioritize work and assign accountability. Tasks can be divided among several users, worked on by multiple users or include many subtasks.

Users may also create duplicates of tasks to assign to different users. But each task will be assigned to one person. Asana is one of the productivity apps that are available for iPad.

Asana is particularly beneficial for small teams as well as small companies. It lets team members discuss the work which they are working on. It also lets members of the team to assign priority and mark tasks as urgent. If a member of the team is working on an unrelated project, they will be able to see the project and react in a timely manner.

Asana allows collaboration via email apps as well as Third-party tools for messaging. It is possible to add collaborators to projects and share information with them via using the same application.

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Another excellent characteristic to be found in Asana is its sophisticated software capabilities. Project managers are able to create or edit their projects and keep track of their teams’ progress with the program’s reporting tools. Management of workload, for instance lets managers assign tasks to teams.

Asana also provides tools for communicating with clients and colleagues. Users can also track the progress of projects and keep on top of milestones and deadlines. It also integrates with well-known industry software like Microsoft Project and Adobe Illustrator.


If you’re looking to select an application for managing tasks that is no cost, ClickUp is a great option. The app lets you make and distribute tasks communicate with your team and send status reports in real-time. You can make an agenda that includes task manager app free.

You can assign each to various people and then change the status of tasks as well as comments. ClickUp can also be used with other applications. If you’re not using one of them, you can take a look at our reviews for free to know more about the apps!

ClickUp’s intuitive interface lets you create and manage all kinds of tasks and projects. It is possible to organize tasks into departments, customers as well as project. You can break them into more manageable Targets. There are a variety of widgets available to keep track of your progress, such as budget, time and the status.

If you are using ClickUp regularly it is easy to integrate it with other applications. It’s also customizable, and offers a free trial version.

ClickUp allows you to join projects and collaborate by linking project indicators. It is easy to track the development of each team member’s project or sprint and also time by using visual widgets.

You can also monitor the status of documents, monitor the development of each project, and collaborate with your team. The tools available help you collaborate on projects in a snap. This app allows you to share information and collaborate with colleagues without any trouble.


If you’re in search of an efficient task manager app that will simplify your life, check out TaskQue. It’s an online task management system that assists you in staying organized by automating the assigning and monitoring of tasks.

By using the app it’s possible to track the details of any project without being involved in a multitude of meetings or dealing with multiple spreadsheets. The app gives you a free trial so that you can test its functions before purchasing an upgrade.

Its free edition is restricted to five users, and comes with the basic interface. If you upgrade to a more expensive version, users have unlimited dashboards, customized areas, advanced searching and report. It’s compatible with iOS as well as Android devices.

The free version lets users to share work with team members and easily collaborate. You can upload images or documents as well as set deadlines using TasQue. Another alternative is MeisterTask.

The free version is limited in options, but it’s worth downloading. It is a great alternative to other software and is ideal for teams with a small size. You can set up multiple boards with various statuses and assign workers to different tasks.

Contrary to some free alternatives that are paid-for, the paid version lets users to use advanced capabilities. If you’re not making use of it for business reasons then you can test the service at no cost for three month. The free version is limited in storage capacity and functions and you may be interested in buying a premium plan.